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Oriental Rug Cleaning Davie

Davie Area Rug Cleaning specializes in cleaning and restoring all types of rugs. From synthetic and natural fibers to custom blends, our team of specially trained experts will manage your area rug with industry-leading care and quality. While some area rugs can be steam cleaned at your home, most must be delicately handled. These are taken to our state-of-the-art facility to be hand washed with our 5-step process. Davie Area Rug Cleaning offers free estimates, and free pick-up and delivery for area rugs of all shapes and sizes, our team will make sure you get your rug back like the time you just bought it.

Dirt, soil, food stains, wine stains, and pet stains are obvious unwanted nuisances . But there are also A LOT of germs and allergens that collect and build up on your carpet too! Don’t wait for these harmful pollutants to accumulate, call Davie Area Rug Cleaning today!

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Davie Restoration Cleaning

We offer full cleaning, restoration, and repair services for all types of area rugs. You must act fast because if your rug is moist or damn. Your rug will build up mold and mildew which will get trapped in the carpet fibers. Davie Oriental Rug Restoration services will disinfect and destroy all of these germs and allergens which stymie your carpets real potential and even destroy your carpet, and to make sure it won’t happen again we place scotch-guard to prevent these types of situations and to preserve its looks, We can also repair or replace your Oriental rug fringing if necessary. Davie Oriental Rug Restoration also offers a guaranteed 100% pet odor removal. Call us today to schedule your free estimate! As always, Davie Oriental Rug Restoration provides free pick-up and delivery services.

Davie Oriental Rug Restoration cleans your rug with an industry-leading 5-step process. First, we perform a deep dusting on your silk, afghan, or Oriental rug to remove dirt, dust, and particulate matter. Next we pre-treat your rug with a special non-abrasive solution to soften any stains. Third, we gently but thoroughly buff your Oriental rug to remove all surface stains. Next we hand wash your rug to remove any stains that may have penetrated the fibers. And finally with a nice finishing touch, Davie Oriental Rug Restoration rinses away all shampoos and solutions, allowing it to dry quickly.

Clean Your Rug Professionaly

It cannot be stressed enough. There are many people that make the same mistake when they see a stain that they should apply their own solution or cleaner to get rid of it, they say what’s the point of going to professionals and spending excess money. But what happens when you treat the rug yourself you cause it to bleed and dissipate, and damage your carpet even more, do not let it happen, make sure you go to the pros and get it done right. We will get rid of that stain and make it look like new as if the stain didn’t exist in the first place with our simple 5-step cleaning process.

Our 5-step cleaning process ensures at all of Davie Persian Rug Cleaning customers are completely satisfied. First, we dust your rug to remove any dirt and soil. Second, we hand-wash your rug to remove stains. Next, we rinse your rug and hang it to dry. Finally, as a finishing touch we clean your carpet’s fringes.

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Davie Rug Cleaning Varieties

At Davie area rug cleaning our goal is professionalism, our cleaning method is suited for every type of rug, we treat each rug with our equipment in different ways based on its materials and fabrics. Most rugs are dyed with vegetable based dyes and must be washed the right way in order for it not to be discolored. At Davie Oriental Rug Cleaning we use different processes depending to the fiber, dye, and backing on your rug.

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Davie Pet Stain Treatment

Do you love your pet but don’t know what to do about all the accidents? Have no fear, Davie Carpet Cleaning offers 100% pet odor removal guaranteed on all area rugs. When your dog or cat has an accident, uric acid is deposited onto the carpet. It the stain is not handled immediately, the uric acid crystallizes and becomes very difficult to remove. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Davie Pet Odor Removal today for your free estimate. We use special enzymes to break down bacteria and lighten stains. We then steam clean or hand-wash your carpet or area rug to completely remove, any residual staining that might have remained.

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Besides our full array of cleaning services, Davie also offers area rug repairs as well as padding cleaning and new padding sales. From weaving and stitching, to fringing and color restoration Davie Area Rug Repairs does it all! We restore and repair hooked rugs, woven rugs, braided rugs, knotted rugs, shag rugs, tufted rugs, antique rugs, silk rugs, wool rugs, and more!

Some area rugs are family heirlooms; some are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Give Davie Area Rug Repairs the privilege of restoring your rug to its former glory.

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Whatever your needs, we are capable and ready to handle them. Customer dependability is our priority.

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