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Davie Carpet Cleaning steam cleans a lot more than just carpets. We also specialize in steam cleaning upholstery and furniture. If your sofa or couch is looking dirty, dingy, or has stains on it, give Upholstery Cleaning Davie a call. We clean upholstered furniture of all kinds including easy chairs, loveseats, couches, sofas, sectionals, and even ottomans. Steam cleaning is the recommended cleaning method for all living room furniture, as well as carpets and drapes. If you’d like to steam clean your entire living room for one low price, see the special offer at the bottom of this page.

Davie Steam Cleaning for Sofas and Couches

Living room furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. It can also be made from different materials. Davie Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning services almost all fabrics including microfiber, cotton, synthetic, suede, velvet, and even leather. Leather and other natural upholstery require special shampoos and lotions for cleaning, while most traditional upholstery can be steam cleaned. Steam cleaning involves the use of heated and pressurized cleaning solutions to break up dirt and stains, then high powered vacuum suction to remove the grime and dirty steaming solution.

Deep Cleaning and Pet Stain Removal for Upholstery

Sometimes basic steam cleaning isn’t powerful enough to remove years of caked on dirt and grime. In these cases, Upholstery Cleaning Davie recommends deep cleaning. Upholstery deep cleaning is similar to basic stream cleaning, deep cleaning just includes a pre-spray conditioner. This deep cleaning pre-spray works its magic on stains that set long ago and dirt or grime that has worked its way deep into the upholstery fabric fibers.

Deep cleaning is the preferred method for general stain removal. If your upholstery has specific stains like wine, juice, coffee, or ink, the experts at Davie Upholstery Cleaning have special solvents and stain-removing products for each stain type. If your dog or cat had an accident in your living room or on your couch, we also offer pet stain removal services. Pet stain removal and odor treatment consists of four steps: First, we pre-spray bioenzymatic solutions that work to remove uric acid from your upholstery. Next, we steam clean the affected area. To wrap up, we apply peroxide treatment to finish removing the stain and use carpet and fabric deodorizers.

SPECIAL OFFER: Living Room Package 25% Off!

Call Davie Carpet Cleaning today and ask about our money saving Living Room Package. As part of this steam cleaning deal we will clean your sofas and couches, your drapes, and your living room carpets all at one low price, 25% off standard cleaning. This offer applies to all residential clients residing in the following zip codes:

33312, 33314, 33317, 33324, 33325, 33326, 33327, 33328, 33329, 33330, 33331, 33332, 33355

This special deal applies to residential customers in homes and apartments or condos. Property Managers may be eligible for this discount if service location is in one of the above zip codes.

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